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第三人称单数:shakes 现在分词:shaking 过去式:shook 过去分词:shaken

shook shaken

shaking 过去7a686964616fe59b9ee7ad9431333363376532式:shook过去分词:shaken.解释: shake 英[ek] 美[ek] vt. 动摇; 摇头; 使发抖; 使心绪不宁[烦恼,惊吓]; vi. 握手; 摇(出),抖(掉); (嗓音) 颤抖; n. 震动; 摇

shake英[ek]美[ek]vt.动摇; 摇头; 使发抖; 使心绪不宁[烦恼,惊吓]vi.握手; 摇(出),抖(掉); (嗓音)颤抖n.震动; 摇动; 哆嗦; 混合饮料第三人称单数:shakes现在分词:shaking过去式:shook过去分词:shaken形近词:shake

line(动词ing) liningshake(过去式) shookbefore(对应词) afterparty(复数) partiesCanada(形容词)canadian



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过去式:shoot stole rode beat wonned 现在分词:shaking stealing riding beating winning

shake[ 过去式shook 过去分词shaken 现在分词shaking ] drop[ 过去式dropped或dropt 过去分词dropped或dropt 现在分词dropping ]

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