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my pEt Dog英语作文加翻译40词

I have a dog, it is lovely, and I play together every day. Its fur is black and white, I call it Harry.Harry is very good, no matter what time I called it as long as it came along,stay before my legs.Harry likes eating meat and bone,so do I

pet dog is the best gift i have even got.on my seventh birthday party,my aunt sent me a little pet has short yellow white white hair .and it was very young when i got it.i called it diandian,it is a funny name,isn't it?diandian is very friendly to my

My pet dog Look, this is my pet dog "Dou Dou". What a lovely dog [it is]! It has [some] white and black fur、two big eyes [and] a small nose and a big mouth. It looks very cute and active. It can eat a lot of [food], but it [is] not very fat. It often runs to

my pet dog. i have a pet. it's a "he" dog. his name is duoduo. he is two years old. he has short brown hair. he likes eating bones.(骨头) i always take him for a walk early in the morning. he likes watch tv with me on the sofa at night. he is very

I am Peter. I have a pet dog. Its name is Summer. Because I met it last summer and I named it so. It is funny and cute.It is black and white. Everyday when I get home, it rocks its tail to me and jumps into my arms. It likes playing flying plate with me.

my pet dog i am li xiaoming. one day a friend of mine gave me a is black and from america i love it very much. when it came to my house, it was very small. now it is bigger. i often play with it and it often follows me everywhere in the house.

I have a dog and its name is Peter. He has big eyes and smart nose. He is always to watch out for everything around us. Every evening I will walk my dog in the park near my home. He also can help me do some simple work. For example, he can

I have a lovely little dog named Dion. He looks pretty with short legs, big ears and short tail. He is my good friend and he is also easy to take care of. I walk him at least twice a day, feed him and spend time with him. He also gives his love to me in

I have a pet dog. Its name is Wang Wang. Everyday I will walk the dog, and feed it with meat. It has its own bowl.Wang Wang likes eating pork very much.翻译:我有一只宠物狗,它的名字叫汪汪.每天我都会去遛狗,并且用肉喂它.它有自己专用的碗.汪汪非常喜欢吃猪肉.30来词,楼主看看~【楼主参考下~希望对你有帮助~】

Last year, my friend gave me a little dog. I was fond of him very much. I liked to play with him after school and he liked to follow me wherever I went. I was very glad that I had a "body guard". Last winter I was very busy with my lessons and came

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