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miss......out 是什么意思

选CMiss out 指 to fail to use or enjoy an opportunity. 例子:Other people my age are married and have families, and I am beginning to feel I am missing out. We missed out on a chance to get a cheaper mortgage.

miss out错过

miss out 英 [mis aut] 美 [ms at] 释义遗漏[忘]; (被)略去; 错过机会; 不理睬(某人)

miss sb/sth. out不包括某人(某物)I will miss out the sweet course我不吃那道甜食We will miss out last two verses.最后两句歌词我们不唱了

miss 一般用作 丢失, 错过的意思miss out 是遗漏, 拉下.纠正上面两位, 要注意时态.应该说 I missed the train. 没赶上火车是发生过的事情, 要用过去式.

miss out 主要是错过的意思;leave out 主要是遗漏,离开的意思;比如:He misses out on the golden Medal. (他错过了金牌) She leaves out a decimal point in the data which makes her lose the chance to get the promotion .(她因为遗漏了一个小数点致使她错过了得到晋升的机会)


1、读音不同 miss out 英 [mis aut] 美 [ms at] 错过机会 例句:We're missing out on a tremendous opportunity .我们在坐失良机.miss out on 英 [mis aut n] 美 [ms at n] vt.得不到期望中的东西,将遗漏掉 例句:I miss out on all

1. 释义miss out:错过;遗漏;省略miss out on:错过机会;错失了…2. 区别miss out on sth 多表示错过了XX机会3.用法及造句miss out:3. Will you feel as if you're missing out if you don't take part in the concert?假如不参加这次音乐会,你会不会

miss和miss out on都有错过的意思,但是后者还有错过机会和错过了的意思

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