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BE sorry to Do sth 造句

I'm sorry to hear that you can' t come to my birthday.

1,be sorry to do sth很抱歉做了某事 2,be sorry for sth为某事感到抱歉 3,be sorry for sb 为某人感到同情,同情,怜悯 【例句】 1,There's nothing to be sorry for.没有什么要抱歉的。 2,Sorry, Miss. You forgot my salad.对不起,小姐。...

I'm sorry to bother you. 很抱歉打扰你。 I'm sorry to be late. 很抱歉我迟到了。 精锐教育祝你学习进步。

be sorry for doing sth 对做了某事感到抱歉

be sorry for doing sth是表示做了某事而感到抱歉 be sorry about sth是对某事感到抱歉

Doing 是动名词

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