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BE sorry to Do sth 造句

I'm sorry to hear that you can' t come to my birthday.

I'm sorry to bother you. 很抱歉打扰你。 I'm sorry to be late. 很抱歉我迟到了。 精锐教育祝你学习进步。

动词bother的用法与搭配 1. 表示“打扰”“麻烦”,为及物动词,要表示用某事麻烦某人,一般用介词 with 或 about。如: I’m sorry that I have to bother you with [about] this problem. 对不起,我要用这个问题来麻烦你了。 2. 表示“费心”“费力”...

不是,be sorry for sth.”

be sorry for doing sth表示为某事而道歉,通常强调为已经做过的事be sorry to do sth更注重很遗憾做某事的意味,经常是没有做的事

55 be quiet 安静56 be short for 表**的缩写 eg: 陶 is shortfor 陶俊杰57 be sick in bed 生病在床58 be sorry to do sth be sorryfor sb eg : ...

be sorry for doing sth 对做了某事感到抱歉

be sorry for doing sth是表示做了某事而感到抱歉 be sorry about sth是对某事感到抱歉

好 , be sorry to hear that听到这个消息很难过 , ask for sth要求得到某物...sth教某人某事,teach sb to do sth教某人去做某事, wait for sb/sth等待...

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