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atomic bomb [英][əˈtɔmik bɔm][美][əˈtɑmɪk bɑm] n. 原子弹; 复数:atomic bombs 数据合作方:金山词霸 双语例句柯林斯词典英英释义 1 The atomic bomb is a grave threat to mankind. 原子弹是人类的一大...

atomic bomb[英] [əˈtɔmik bɔm] [美] [əˈtɑmɪk bɑm] n. 原子弹;

歌曲名:Miss Atomic Bomb 歌手:The Killers 专辑:Battle Born Miss Atomic Bomb The Killers You were standing with your girlfriends in the street Falling back on forever, I wonder what you came to be… I was new in town, the boy with...

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