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I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents' and my brother's. On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I

I had a very happy weekend last week,because it was my birthday. I holda birthday party,and many friends were invited to join in it. In thelate morning,we gathered in a restaurant. After that,a wonderful lunchwas ready to wait for us. We planed to go to

一个愉快的周末(A happy weekend) I have planned a happy weekend.Saturday morning, I must go to see me aunt.In the afternoon, I must go to the shopping center to go shopping.Evening, I planned makes the homework.Sunday in the morning,

Today is sunday .I am in hainan with my friends is a sunny day,I got up early at Seven thirty,I watched a movie with my brother in the morning,it was a interesting film.And in the afternoon,I w

Last weekend,I have a good time.I went to the park .I have a great time playing in the water.It was really interesting .Then I went shopping,it was very crowed,so I went home .I played comepuer games.They was very funny.

My last weekend I was very busy last weekend,on saturday morning ,I visted my grandparents and helped them clean the room,in the afternoon,I went to the bookstore to buy some books;on sunday,I washed many clothes in the morning,and watched

a travel to shanghai as we know, shanghai is a famous financial centre of china. it is also a great place for holiday. this summer holiday, i went to shanghai with my families. we went there by high-speed train. we had a lot of fun there. we saw the

Hi!Boys and girls! I usually watch morning TV at 7am on the weekends.Then,I eat my breakfast. For breakfast,I like salad and apples.After breakfast I play basketball with my brother--Jim.I can play basketball well!Then,I eat lunch with my parents and

my weekend The weekend is the best time in my opinion. I can use the time to d what I like, because my parents don't force me to extra classes like others. Usually, I do my homework as soon as possible. A good schedule is helpful to health, so I still

Today is Saturday.I got up early in the morning.I washed my face,brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast.Then I went out to play.The sun was very beautiful.In the afternoon,I did my homework.It was a little difficult.In the evening,I went to visit my grandparents.They cooked a great meal for me.My saturday is great

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