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each coin has two sides 事物都有两面性;每个硬币都有两面;每个问题都有两面 例如: Senior seamless steel tube expert analysis says, each policy every coin has two sides. 资深无缝钢管专家分析说,每种政策都有两面性。 I don't think...

Every advantage has its disadvantage

a coin has both sides

There are both advantages and disadvantages,希望能帮到你

Network is double-edged sword, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. 有利必有弊 注: advantages .n. 有利条件( advantage的名词复数 ); 益处; 优越(性); 处于支配地位; [例句]This custom-built kitchen has many advantages over a standard one..这...

Everything has two sides.

In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, as long asreasonable utilization will be able to obtain the maximum benefit

In our word, many students have computers. Also we can see in the electronic reading room and the cybercafés, rows of students sit in front of the monitors. On one hand, computers play an important role in our everyday life. We...

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