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翻译成英文是I think There are both advantages and disadvantages.下图是翻译截图

凡事有利有弊 1) Every coin has two sides. 2) Something is a double-edged sword.

所谓 云 就是好多上网的程序- -有利有弊 不过现在大多数还是没啥用的··

网上购物有利也有弊。 英语:Online shopping has advantages and disadvantages. online shopping 网络购物 例句: You can build an online shopping cart easily by using open source ecommerce shopping cart solution. 你能够很容易使用开...

Every advantage has its disadvantage

手机对我们来说是有利有弊的,是一把双刃剑,既可以给我们的交际,交友和学习 => phones are a double blade swords to us,i tcan bring us social relationship, help us making friends and study, but also....

The decide which not only Has advantage but also has disadvantage.

Network is a double-edged sword, has both advantages and disadvantages

With the development of the science and technology,the computer has been becoing the necessity for people in the 21st Century.Following,network is of close link with our life,bringing us incomparable convenience on our life and...

【译文】 药物有益处一定也有害处,这是客观情况;治病借助药的益处而不借助它的害处,这是自然的想法;用药时去除有害影响而不除去有益药效,这是理所当然的。 希望我的回答对您有帮助,有问题可以追问。 满意请及时采纳,谢谢!

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