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Shape dough into 1-inch (2 cm) balls and roll each ball in the sugar/cinnamon Topping. 把生面团揉成1英尺(2.5厘米)的球状,把每个面团在糖或肉桂里滚一下 Place balls 2 inches (5 cm) apart on an ungreased cookie sheet baking pan. 把面

The second day is Sunday, because the day-off, I opened my sleepy eyes until the sun is going to burn my buttocks.There is a limit for lazy, only this way won't get yourself to dilemmma, due to I know how terrible it will be if my mom woke me up, I tell

The differences of personality and concept To perfect our personality is an important part of the standard of mental health. First of all, the mainstream concept of personality differences: Chinese culture is effected very much by Confucius and

手工翻译如下,另外你的中文写得不是很好.希望对你有帮助.Some people like to live in the city. That is because the humanity and environment come to be mature. The flat road, well-developed public transportation and kinds of education sites


A year ago I came to this class. I was very nervous, but also very happy to have met you all. During this year, there were good times and bad times, but because of you, everything has become not so difficult.Let me tell you about myself briefly. I am

The comparison of the standard of China and Western in mental health. The difference standard of Chinese and Western in mental health. Chinese culture was influenced by Confucian culture. ,in which unity of the subjective and the objective plays


以下是我人工翻译的,帮你把大意翻出来了.The secret我不太了解,不知道准确中文,先翻成秘密情事.望采纳.祝你学习进步!感谢您给The secret(秘密情事)的来信.我们昨天收到了许多电子来信,虽然我们不能一一回信,但我们会竭尽


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