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以“My FAvoritE pEt”为题写一篇作文

1my favorite pet i have a dog. he is my favorite pet. he is very lovely. his name is peter and he is two years old. his fur is long and white. he has big black eyes. his nose is very good. he can smell very well. he is quite small. he weighs about two

My favorite pet My favorite pet is a dog. He is very lovely. His name is Jack and he is two years old. His hair is long and white. He has big black eyes. His nose is very nimble .

1My Favorite PetI have a dog.He is my favorite pet.He is very lovely.His name is Peter and he is two years old.His fur is long and white.He has big black eyes.His nose is very

l like animal.But my favorite animal is cat.Do you want to know the reason?let me tell you. l keep a cute cat .lt has big eyes.And it has clever leg so it can catch mouse.when it caths mouse, l give it a fish for like sleeping at night .ln my opion,

i like hamster very is very cute and interesting .it is also beautiful ,it has short hair and a big norse ,it looks like a mouse .it is very fun it often makes me laugh ,it is very small but heavy .it eats a lot .it likes sleeping ,it is very lazy,it sleeps all day.

I have a new pet.It is a dog.It is Ming Ming.It is one year old.It is very cute.It has short fut.It has big eyes and long ears.It s very small.It has a short tail.It likes eating bone.It likes running.Sometimes It likes playing boat.I like my pet very much.

My favorite pet My favorite pet is a dog. He is very lovely. His name is Jack and he 所以我每天都和它在公园里玩耍.它可以很轻松地找到回家的路.我觉得它是所有动

My Pet My pet is a cat.She was bought from the shop last month.It cost 50 yuan to buy it.Her name is ketty.She has nice and big eyes.Her hair is pure white.Sometimes she is very lazy.She usually sleep under the sofa .One day I couldn't find it

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