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1.what's the time now? worry. 大意是 孩子:妈妈,现在几点了.母亲:8点了,是时候吃早餐了.孩子:噢,是时候回学校了,我要迟到了.母亲:没关系,今天是星期天.2. MIKE:what's the time now?现在几点了 AMY: it is 8 o'clock.8点了.不过我真不敢相信你会问这些问题.

您好 ,现在几点了What time?What time is it?What's the time now?请关注进口车市

"现在几点了"What time is it ."该上英语课了. "it's time to have a English classes ."让我想一想". "Let me think about it" ."看看我的钟. "look at my clock

what is time now?

Excuse me,what's the time now?Sorry,I don't take my watch.

What's the time now? 5 o'clock.

What time is it now? It is fifteen minutes before 9 o'clock

What's the time now?或者What time is it now?sorry,i don't have a watch.

What's time is it now?现在几点了,注意开头字母大写!望采纳~

what's the time.几点了What time is it你们那几点了Your several points你们那边几点了You have several points 短语:现在32313133353236313431303231363533e59b9ee7ad9431333363396438几点了 What's the time ; What time is it ; Now

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