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用汉语拼音Wang Qin .两个字的第一个字母都大写,三个字的姓的第一字母大写,明连到一块第一个大写如:Wang Xiaoqin



男Bunny 女Anastasia

Today is Saturday. Two of my classmates and I go to the bookshop. It's the biggest one in my city. There are plenty of books. We go to the cartoon-book zone. And then we stay there for a long time. We find our favorite books an...

Jean琴 来源:法国 涵义:上帝是慈悲的 同义字:Jeanne,Jeannette 琴也有谐音的

整理 (SEIRI) ……Structurise 整顿 (SEITON) ……Systematise 清扫 (SEISO) ……Sanitise 清洁 (SEIKETSU) ……Standardise 素养 (SHITSUKE) ……Self-discipline


We Have to Say Goodbye No rose, no diamond ring, that’s the simple and romantic love stories in college. The graduates have to face the approaching of June, a time to farewell their beloved. When their future is confronted with...

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