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Weather is the best topic.


同意句转换 Agree to sentence conversion conversion 英 [kənˈvɜ:ʃn] 美 [kənˈvɜ:rʒn] n. 变换,转变; 改装物; 财产转换,兑换; [逻] 换位(法)

What he earns now is five times more than that of ten years ago. His earning now is five times more than that of ten years ago.

The boy also wears a white T一shirt. 或 The boy wears a white T一shirt as well.

I have something important to tell you. Studying English is more difficult than studying Chinese. Summer in GuangZhou is much hotter than summer in Beijing. I don't think swimming is as dangerous as diving. I think mathematics ...

henrisbirthdayisonoctober20th的同义句 Henri was born on October 20th. October 20th is Henri's birthday.

同义句转化: she sings best 翻译句子: very strict to us. aware of his mistake 3.prefer hot tea 4.give you some power 5.have been here for a long time. 直接翻译: 1.我愿意和你一起分担你的困难。 share the difficulties ...

The box is too heavy for me to carry. The box isn't light enough for me to carry . 这个箱子太重了,我搬不动。

一、同义句转换 前两题正确:should do sth = be supposed to do sth,意思是“应该/应当做某事”。 但是后两题不对,be supposed to do sth没有be allowed to do sth或can do sth的意思。 可以分别改成: 3. are forbidden to 4. aren't allowed/...

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