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He sometimes goes home by bike 祝你快乐:)

The box is too heavy for me to carry. The box isn't light enough for me to carry . 这个箱子太重了,我搬不动。

为你解答。 1、步行穿过中心大街上的公园。 (Take) a (walk) (through) the park (on) Center Street. 2、这附近有一座有花园的房子。 There is a house (with) a garden (in) (the) (neighbourhood). 3、The girl is having a good time ...

如果你想退货,除非你没拿到商家的产品或对他们的产品不满意,否则店主是不会退钱给你的。 finally unless

1. to visit 我们想到北京游玩。 2. It is, to 在医院工作很有趣。 3. Remember to 离开时别忘了关门。 4. for going sightseeing 5. visitors, Lakes 6. leaving for

更准确的变化形式如下: Mr Wilson goes to work by bus every day. 威尔逊先生每天坐公交车去上班。 = Mr Wilson takes a bus to work every day. 或 = Mr Wilson goes to work on a bus every day.

Give some rice to me . 给我一些米饭吧。 Perhaps she is only 10 years old .她可能只有10 岁。 Annie doesn't have a hat . 祝你开心。

比利很健康 这头猪多少钱 他很强壮 同义句:Billy is in good/well health. How much does the pig cost? He is robust.

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