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Weather is the best topic.

Pay attention to hygiene, often bask in bedding, keep the room ventilated, cold heat preservation, not to crowded places, such as Internet cafes, movie theaters and other, public environment, such as classrooms, dormitories and...

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翻译:我现在在和我的朋友说话。 满意请采纳,谢谢

how about having a cup of coffee? Would you like having a cup of coffee? 一杯咖啡怎么样?都是询问要不要喝一杯咖啡的。

你好! My name is Cindy. You can call me Cindy 我英语8级你可以问我

1 What are you supposed to say when meeting someone in the first time? 2 I was supposed to arrive at 7 that day. 3 No playing football in the classroom. 4 They were supposed to arrive an hour before. 第一句问题不大,后面几句就比...

1. to visit 我们想到北京游玩。 2. It is, to 在医院工作很有趣。 3. Remember to 离开时别忘了关门。 4. for going sightseeing 5. visitors, Lakes 6. leaving for

同义句转化: she sings best 翻译句子: very strict to us. aware of his mistake 3.prefer hot tea 4.give you some power 5.have been here for a long time. 直接翻译: 1.我愿意和你一起分担你的困难。 share the difficulties ...

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