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为你解答。 他们是干什么工作的? 1、What do they do? 2、What are they? 3、What are their jobs?

What is he doing? I 是第一人称用am。you 是第二人称用are。 he/ she/ it都是第三人称,全都用is。 所以是: What am I doing? What are you doing? What is he/she/it doing? 另外所有的非人类的动物,物品之类的也都用is。 但是如果第三人称是...

what is he what is his job what does he do

你他妈的干什么_ 翻译结果: Fuck are you doing

What is your uncle? 英文中询问干什么职业直接使用What is 而不用do

"What is he doing?" 双语例句 1.你上次见到他时他在做什么? What was he doing when you last set eyes on him? 2.他很清楚他在做什么。 He was alive to what he was doing. 3.她抬起一只眼皮看看他在做什么。 She lifted one eyelid to see ...

是时候做什么了 英文翻译 What's the time to do

What the f*u*ck are you doing? 缩写:Wha da f*u*ck? 请去掉*号。。。 敏感字眼

what are you? I am a teacher? what is he? He is a nurse.

What does his mother do? What is his mother? What is his mother's job?

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