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让我感到惊讶 用英语翻译怎么说

That's astonishing (to me)!

what the most surprised me (is that...)

英语是:Be surprised at sb。 例句: RITA: Why are you surprised at me? 丽塔:为什么你对我感到惊讶? The next day, she was still sitting on the sidelines, looked at him, I went over to herlaugh, Zhang took a note to her, she was...

最让我感到惊讶 I was most surprised surprised 英[səˈpraɪzd] 美[sərˈpraɪzd] adj. 惊讶的; 惊奇的; 觉得奇怪的; 感觉意外的; [例句]This lady was genuinely surprised at what happened to her pet 这位女士...

令我感到惊讶的是鲍勃在考试中得了a I am surprised by Bob in the exam was A

To our surprise, ...

be surprised (at) 对……感到惊讶

短语是这样的表达:to our surprise /to our astonishment what surprised me is/ was...

It makes me surprised

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