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海洋生物学家 A Marine biologist marine biologist

为您解答 People predict that in this seaside city, tourists can take sightseeing buses in the shape of various sea animals.

内容大概有什么 新游戏还是老游戏?

Innovative Marine Life Products Arouse Environmental Awareness

There are many sea creatures.

Let's protect marine life together. 采纳吧,谢谢

1.上周五,我和同学一起参观了我市的水族馆,在那里度过了非常有意义的一天 Last Friday, i visited the aquarium of our city with my classmates amd spent a meaningful day there. 2.(What makes us+adj。is that)首先,让我们感到兴奋的...


the restarunt was surrounded by bright colourful coral, with many beautiful marine creatures swiming within the reefs. Eating in the restarunt feels like beig in a fish tank while the fishes are observing you from outside of th...


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