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It's easy .或者说It's simple .

so easy

很简单的英语:very simple。 很简单的短语: The matter is very simple.那个事情很简单。 Choosing a career is very simple.择业其实很简单。 In fact, happiness is very simple .幸福其实很简单。 Life is very simple.生活其实很简单。 扩展...

Simple, easy, not hard

Are you convenient to talk now? 如果是打电话,一般这样说 Is it a good time to call you? Did I catch you at a bad time? Are you tied up with something? 不一定像我们说话一样那么直的,外国人对我们说话那样直很不理解的

简洁大方的Simple and generous 例句: 她的作品以简洁著称。 Her work is known for pithiness of style. 【谚】言以简洁为贵。 Brevity is the soul of wit.

越简单越好 [网络] The Simpler The Better; [例句]其想法就是让SEO变得越简单越好。 The idea is to make it as simple as possible.

lie in a nutshell 相关短语 in a nutshell 简单地,简约地 lie in a nutshell 一言以蔽之,一句话就可以说清楚,很容易,很简单 That's it in a nutshell. 简而言之就是这样 put sth in a nutshell 简要地陈述某事,简而言之 put in a nutshell 一...

不能用poor,这个词一般是在交谈后确实自己觉得英语很差,或者对方无法听懂的时候才用,因为外国人强调knowledge(知识), 但运用konwledge首先就要有confidence(自信).外国人觉得,自信本身就是人应该具备的一种素质,他们也欣赏有自信的人.所以,除非...

简单的快乐 Simple pleasures; Simple Happiness; Simple Pleasure; [例句]在他被正式宣布为世界上最年长的人后,他给出了这样一个简单的快乐长寿的秘诀。 After he was officially pronounced the world's oldest man, he offered this simple ...

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