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汉语的谐音是爱你一生 我爱你

The voices of the whispering autumn know, tears feeling heart know, hopefully my sincere blessings, let you feel joy and delight, not not possible, don't want to impossible, just think you can be happy.

After watching the movie. I deeply felt. Life in the small before death.Even if every time someone can predict the danger, but a person's strength is to conquer not god of death.In fact, the movie is after all movies. Their deaths are natural disasters.



I believe a lot of wonderful things, such as freedom and passion, like the flowers believe in sunlight. However, more faiths can't compare to one sentence, "just do it", that's why I stand on this stage.望采纳~

This society is so real, without a diploma, who believe you have the strength1 good diploma, equivalent to tickets, giving you the chance on the train2 good diploma, it means there is no better than the diploma you have the advantage ofAbility is

1. Today I go home, uncle toi house to play, I got up very early in the morning dad will eat, pu home have a little far from us, when we arrived at philips home already very dark, uncle just call us to eat, eat a meal to play for a while, we went home, when

Since the fabric's price is increased, the workers wages increased as well. Thus, the production cost boosted, the prices has gone up.

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