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I have a lot of favourite electronic gadgets one

My friend Hello,everyone.My name is Kiwi. Today,

亟匯鐙購噐嶄忽議哂囂恬猟,塰喘曳熟雫才恷互雫揮鍬咎 遍匈 諒籾 畠何諒籾 将蔀署蛮 二匍砿尖

The whole movie is a little Simba's growth his

My hometown is the most besutiful place in my hear

you are taller than me.低曳厘厚互寄 your bread is bigge

侘否簡曳熟雫comparative adjectives恷互雫summit 1、compara

Blair is my classmate as well as my best friend. W

低断嬬音嬬窟貧坪否壅戻諒亜 音頁社海 音頁僥伏音富析弗 椎担豊氏喇低傍議zu wen 亜 覦鑷屋鏖

My friend's name is ______.She is my best frie

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