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歌词有movE on somEonE to AnothEr

Christian Kane -Thinking of you Well i know they say all goods things Must come to some kinda of ending We were so damn good, i guess we never stood a chance Gonna find what youve been missin When that highways tried a listenin...

我觉得如果是你的教授上课时对你的发问意思应该是"接下来我们讨论下个问题,你跟上了我的上课节奏了吗\前面的你听懂了吗?" 所以回答是:Sorry,I can't catch you.(对不起我没跟上或者前面的我没听懂) 你看是不是^_^

歌曲: The Climb 歌手: Miley Cyrus 专辑: 《汉娜·蒙塔娜:电影..》 The Climb Miley Cyrus I can almost see it. That dream I'm dreamin' but There's a voice inside my head saying you'll never reach it. Every step I'm taking. Every mo...


It's time for us to make a move cause we are asking one another tochange And maybe i'm not ready. 是时候采取行动,导致我们要求对方改变,也许我还没准备好

C keep on意为“继续”。keep off意为“使离开”。keep up意为“保持,维持”。try to do sth意为“努力做某事”;try doing sth.意为“试着做某事(看行不行)”。

D。 选项A不行,因为其中的动词am与问句中的follow性质不一样; 而选项B和C意义上与上文不符。故选D。



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