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Thanks for everyone 可以表示 感谢所有人的意思

Thanks everyone

"Thanks to all people"1.Thank you to everyone for being so supportive over the years; we couldn't havedone it without you.我感谢所有人对我们一直以来的支持,没有你们,我们就不可能做的好.

Thank you all the people around me.

感谢所有关心我的人_有道翻译 翻译结果:Thank you for all the people who care about me care_有道词典 care 英 [ke] 美 [kr] n. 关怀;照料;谨慎;忧虑 vt. 在意;希望或喜欢 vi. 照顾;关心;喜爱;顾虑

谢谢所有祝福我的人 英语是:Thank you all for blessing me.句子解释:thank 英[θk] 美[θk] vt. 谢谢,感谢; 责怪,把…归于; n. 感谢,谢谢,道谢的话; [例句]Thank you very much for your meal 非常感谢您的饭菜.all 英[:l] 美[l] adj.

Thank all the people who I want to thank.

thank the ones who hurt me 或 thank the one who hurts me(指过去用hurt)

谢谢英语:thanks 读音:英 [θks] 美 [θks] n. 谢谢 int. 谢谢 词组短语 thanks for 多亏 thanks a lot 多谢 many thanks 非常感谢 heartfelt thanks 由衷地感谢 thanks for your help 感谢您的帮助 双语例句1. The delegation was carrying a message

Thank you very much 例句:1.Thank you very much for your kindness.我们真的非常感谢你的好意.2.Thank you very much for your hospitality.非常感谢你们殷勤的招待.

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