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凡事有利有弊 [网络] It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good; 凡事 [词典] everything; [例句]凡事要小心。 Be careful in all things.

Every coin has two sides. 一枚硬币有两个面。凡事都有两面性。

each coin has two sides 事物都有两面性;每个硬币都有两面;每个问题都有两面 例如: Senior seamless steel tube expert analysis says, each policy every coin has two sides. 资深无缝钢管专家分析说,每种政策都有两面性。 I don't think...

Every advantage has its disadvantage

Advantages are accompanied by disadvantages.

In my opinion, the Internet has advantages and disadvantages, as long as reasonable use can be obtained.

利大于弊:The advantages overweigh the disadvantages. advantage 英[ədˈvɑ:ntɪdʒ] 美[ədˈvæntɪdʒ] n. 有利条件; 益处; 优越(性); 处于支配地位; vt. 有利于; 有益于; 促进; 使处于有利地位; ...

With the development of the science and technology,the computer has been becoing the necessity for people in the 21st Century.Following,network is of close link with our life,bringing us incomparable convenience on our life and...

everthing has advantage and disadvantage

权衡利弊 [解释]: pres and cons ; strike a balance ; strike a balance between ; take one thing with another ; taken one thing with another ; took one thing with another; weigh the advantages and disadvantages; trade-off; vantag...

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