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a coin has both sides

Every coin has two sides. 一枚硬币有两个面。凡事都有两面性。

each coin has two sides 事物都有两面性;每个硬币都有两面;每个问题都有两面 例如: Senior seamless steel tube expert analysis says, each policy every coin has two sides. 资深无缝钢管专家分析说,每种政策都有两面性。 I don't think...

Every advantage has its disadvantage

Network is double-edged sword, there are advantages and disadvantages.

利大于弊 The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 弊大于利 The disadvantages outweigh the advantages 例句 理论上讲,让人民币浮动起来利大于弊。 In theory, the benefits of a floating yuan outweigh the costs. 一位阿富汗官员周四...

弊大于利 more harm than good 例句: If we interfere, it may do more harm than good. 如果我们干预的话, 可能弊多利少.

In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, as long asreasonable utilization will be able to obtain the maximum benefit

Everything has two sides.

The advantages and disadvantages of QQ

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