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invent [n'vnt] vt.发明 变形 invention n.发明

invent create 具体什么意思楼主再查查吧


您好, 发明的英文是 invent读音是: 英 [n'vent] ; 美 [nvnt]可以至此点音标旁边的喇叭听发音:


"四大发明”英文名为“the four great inventions” “造纸术”英文名为“papermaking” “火药”英文名为“gunpowder” “印刷术”英文名为“priniting technique” “指南针”英文名为“compass”

My invention I will invent a time machine in the as it 's been my dream in my life. Time machine allows people to travel back in timeto prevent disaster to happen. . However, this machine may be abused by people to create chaos in our world or

my favorite invention in our life,there are many great inventions,such as the light,the pencil,the bag at the age of 6,my father brought a car,he took me to school on the first day of was so exciting.i fell in love with this invention on that day. the

火药 gunpowder 发明者不详造纸术 papermaking technology 发明者 Cai Lun 蔡伦指南针 compass 发明者不详活字印刷术 movable-type printing 发明者 Bi Sheng 毕升应该是plane吧 飞机的意思 发明者Wright brothers(莱特兄弟)car 汽车 发明者 Carl Friedrich Benz(卡尔 本茨)bicycle 自行车 发明者 Sivrac(西夫拉克)自行车发明申请专利的为德国人 德莱斯 Draistelephone 电话 发明者 Alexander Graham Bell (亚历山大 贝尔)country 国家/乡村

The meaning and characteristics of the invention Invention is different from the scientific discoveries, inventions mainly created in the past is not something found primarily reveal the existence and properties of the unknown. Invention is novel and

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