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Bob 的妈妈很生气,Bob的房间是一团乱糟,她说,“把你的房间整理整理!” Bob把他的玩具放在床下面,bob把他的脏衣服放在床下面,bob把他的书也放在床下面,然后说,“现在房间干净了吧?”

clean the room

Have you cleaned your room?或Did you clean your room?都是正确答案我比较倾向第一个我还能想出一个have you been cleaning your room?不过我认为这个翻译成“你已经打扫完你的房间了吗?”比较合适如果我的错误希望能改正.:)

my little sister has cleaned the room instead of me.or my little sister has taken my place to clean the room.祝你开心如意!

clean the room 释义:度 打扫房间问答 网络:clean the room 打扫房间clean up the room 收拾房间Please clean up the room 请清理房间

打扫房间 Clean a room 例句他雇用了一个每天来打扫房间的女佣人.He's got a daily woman who comes in and cleans his room. 她拿着扫帚打扫房间.She sweeps the room with a broom.

打扫房间clean the room

Clean your room!

Yesterday was Saturday, my mother and father both went to work,I was at home alone. So,I think:My mother and father are so tired,they have to go to work every day,and when they come home,they have to clean the house too.So, I decided to help

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