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My name is ***. I am a thirteen-year-old girl(boy)who is in Grade Seven. I have long black hair and big eyes. I usually wear school clothes when I stay at school.I like doing lots of things . For example , I like playing the piano very much.Playing it makes

hello ,boys and girls! I am glad to meet you all here.Now fisrt of all ,let me introduce myself.My name is CaoTao and 12 years old.I like listening to music.I like having chocolate .secondly,my parents and I have a very good time.We are a happy family.Thank you.

hello everyone First let me introduce(介绍) myself. My name is ***, i am very happy to meet you, and i want to be friend with you.i I graduated(毕业) from the *******. i have many hobbies ,such as .i started learning English since i was ..years old.i like english very much . 这样够摸~~~

口语介绍其实就要简单的一点的好,这是我给你写的,呵呵,希望对你有用哦:Hi ,therei am (你的名字) i am 13 years oldi am nice to see your guys,i am really happy now.there 3 ppl in my family ,my mother ,my father and my friends,

my name is david, i'm 13 years old. there are three members in my family. my father, my mother and me. my parents love me very much. they often take me to visit famous places. in my daily life, i like to play computers. when i'm free, i also like splrts like basketball and swimming. sports can make me healthy.

Me Hello,everybody!Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jackie Smith and I am a 16-year-old boy.I am from Fujian,China and I can speak English ,Korean(韩国语) and Chinese.I am tall and I have a round face, small nose,two big

dear mrs,cincinnati ,gald to meeting you! at the first time ,i will tell you about my english name is (amy) ,i come from (chine) and i live with my family in(nanjing).nanjing is a beautiful city.and people are really friendly .do you want to know more

My name is Linda Smith. My first name is Linda, My last name is Smith.I am fourteen years old. I like playing sports, such as football, ping-pong. I have two footballs and many ping-pong balls. My favorite subject is P.E, because I can play happily with

1. Name 名字2. Age 年龄3. Appearance 长相4. personality 性格5. hobbies and interests 兴趣爱好 如:Hello,everyone.I am very glad to introduce myself to you. My name is Lucy. I am twelve years old. I am slim with shoulder-lenghth hair. I am friendly

Hello everyone!My name is Linda,I am thirteen years old now.I like all subjects and I think we should learn all of them very well.I love tae kwon do and calligraphy.And when I grow up I want to be a w | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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